Could Online Casinos Threaten the Future of Handheld Gaming?

For some time now there has been a considerable crossover between the world of video gaming and online casinos. The latter has picked up a great deal in terms of using gamification techniques to keep players engaged. The former has incorporated online casino programs into games like GTA 5 with its Diamond Casino and Resort. But some observers feel that the huge success of players using their mobile devices to play in online casinos could be the first step towards the end of the line for handheld gaming devices.

You only need to take a look at somewhere like the online casino at Paddy Power. You’ll see straight away just how sophisticated their offering has become, as well as why it’s now most players’ preferred way to access the site. The range of games, from slots to roulette look good and play perfectly. Even their live casino games can be streamed smoothly to the vast majority of devices.

So, when a smartphone or tablet can offer this level of quality, is there a long-term future for handheld gaming devices? Naturally, their devotees will answer this question with a resounding “yes” but there’s quite strong evidence that could bring it into doubt.

For example, there’s the economic argument. Some of the latest figures suggest that around 87% of all adults in the UK own or have access to a smartphone. Many even have two or more. By and large, these are expensive devices. So, in these cost-conscious times, many may also be wondering whether they also need to splash out their hard-earned cash on a handheld gaming device too.

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The hardware manufacturers also seem conscious that this may be the way the world is going, After all, didn’t Sony pull the plug on the PS Vita back in 2019 stating at the time that they had no immediate plans to replace it?

Of course, people don’t buy their handheld devices for the sake of the devices themselves. They play them as a medium on which to play their favourite games. It was once the case that games for mobiles were so far behind these that there was no comparison. But today the landscape has changed out of all recognition with games becoming much more sophisticated, as well as countless console games now being optimised for mobile play. Plus the sheer ease with which games can be acquired and played on mobile makes it an almost seamless process. In the case of online casinos, a quick download of the appropriate app and a registration process for security purposes is all that’s needed.

And, in an even more chilling vision of the future for Sony and Microsoft of the world, even back in 2018 even Forbes was questioning the console’s future. Naturally, this is all pure speculation at this point and there are undoubtedly many who will want to keep a firm grip on their handheld devices. But, as to the future and with the increasing influence and success of the mobile online casino, we’re not going to bet on their long-term success.

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