Final Fantasy X / X-2 For PS Vita Release Date Announced

Final Fantasy

Gamers have been crying out for the release of the legendary Final Fantasy X / X-2 remastered collection for the PS Vita ever since it was first announced, but now a release date has been confirmed for the European PAL release of Final Fantasy X/X-2HD Remaster

The pack is being released on 21st March, 2014 – the same day as the PlayStation 3 version and as with the PS3, PlayStation Vita owners can get both games in one package. Final Fantasy X HD Remaster will be on a physical PS Vita card and Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster will be accessible via a redeemable download code inside the box. The PS3 versions will both be in a single disc released.

A Limited Edition version will be available (exclusive to European and PAL regions) which includes a 48-page art book featuring an elegant collection of concept art from the games with notes from the original Final Fantasy X and X-2 development teams, and a special message from Producer Yoshinori Kitase!

The game is jam-packed with new features – Cross-Save support, PlayStation Trophies, an updated, rearranged and remastered soundtrack and for the first time ever you’ll be getting the International Editions of both games. This is set to be a must-buy game for the Vita!

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