Developer eastasiasoft teases 4 (FOUR!) new Vita releases!

Hong Kong-based developer and publisher eastasiasoft (of “Rainbow Moon” and “Soldner X-2” fame has just teased the release of a new physical release for Vita in August:

Intrigued by the news, I asked them whether it’d be a completely new game:

To which they responded that it’s been released digitally in the West. However, they were kind enough to share the exclusive reveal of 3 (THREE!) more Vita titles, previously unreleased, 2 of which are in QA already!

This is fantastic news for Vita owners, as other companies seem to be winding down Vita support. Eastasiasoft already has announced “Rainbow Skies” for Vita. The RPG, a follow up to cult hit “Rainbow Moon” will come to our handheld later this year.

What do you make of this piece of news? Will you be getting these new eastasiasoft releases?

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