Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours coming to PS Vita from Limited Run Games!

When Limited Run Games announced several months ago that they were releasing a physical version of Dariusburst CS for the PS4 Vita owners were naturally disappointed that there weren’t plans for a simultaneous release for the handheld as well. While the game had been given a release in the East on cartridge, it wasn’t unheard of for LRG to release Western exclusives and it had been hoped that the same had been planned for Dariusburst as well.

Well it has now been announced that Dariusburst CS is heading to the Vita as part of the Limited Run Games range and is set for release on 23rd June! No quantities have been confirmed yet although we expect this one to sell out very quickly and no doubt this one will be limited to one per customer so be ready to be in line for this one. For more updates when this one is released, head over to www.limitedrungames.com

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